Sunday Selfcare with AcneSerum & Hair Gummies

Sundays are to wind down and pick yourself up for the next week. Don’t waste it overthinking and planning your week to come with hair gummies. That can wait! You need to treat yourself to survive a whole week and be productive. Just in case you haven’t been productive, you still deserve self-care because come on, we all deserve pampering! You can also treat your Sundays as a fresh canvas to start writing new chapters or resume unfinished chapters. For example, start your skincare routine! If you have been meaning to start an anti-acne skincare regimen but you aren’t motivated enough to invest time in it; leverage a Sunday to dedicate yourself to it. You can also start consuming skin or hair gummies. 

In this blog, we have talked about 7 tips to help you unwind and find yourself again!

1: Restart Your Lost Hobby

The best way to make you feel good is to use your Sunday to restart a hobby that you’ve put in the attic. Bring that talent out and play it out loud. Paint, sketch, play an instrument, or simply write. Whatever it is that suits your buds, do it. it will surely make you feel good about yourself!

2: Take Care Of Your Body And Face

The best way to spend a Sunday is to take care of your body and face, which has been through a lot of stress throughout the week. As I shared earlier, you can leverage Sunday to begin a fresh skincare routine. If your goal is to clear acne, you can start applying an anti-acne serum, if you want to take charge of your hair goals, start consuming hair gummies. You can simply indulge in a relaxing Gua Sha face massage to soothe your facial muscles. 

Oh well, hair care on Sundays hits differently no? So relaxing🤌

  • Oil your hair and let it sit for 2 hours before washing.
  • Use a scalp scrub to clean out your scalp.
  • A good face wash, then a mask, and then do your skincare!
  • Consume yummy skin or hair gummies for that inside out nourishment!

Nourish your body with a lotion you love, don’t save it up for special occasions, use it!

3: Connect With Friends

Whether virtually or going out for coffee, connect with your friends and maybe even text a long-lost friend a hello! Friends are always a good way to make yourself feel good and bring you joy. Friends have a way of making you feel like the world is okay after all. One phone call and one meet-up over coffee will make it seem like all is going to be fine. 

4: Go On A Solo Date

Go out and explore your city, but alone! Give yourself the power of independence and have fun alone. Enjoy your company as much as you enjoy others’, and find joy in the little things! Go to a café, eat your favorite food, this time you don’t have anyone to choose but yourself. Go shopping and find the best fit, but this time, the one that you think fits best. Go to a bookstore or a library and pick up a book to read. Any book, just randomly and start reading. It is always a good idea to read when you feel low!

5: Dress Up To Go Nowhere

Dress up to feel good. Tell yourself that you don’t have to look good for others but only yourself. Put on that new blouse and those pants and click pictures or dance away. Don’t feel like you need an occasion to put on your best outfit! 

6: Cook

Cook for yourself or your family. You will find it stimulating and enjoy the process. But the real catch is that at the end, you will have something to call made-by-me! You will find the simplest recipes on YouTube and Instagram, and enjoy making them!

Most importantly, sit down and talk to your Mom, Dad or sibling. We often neglect them because of our busy lives and forget to connect with them. We see them every day, but they hardly know anything about us. 

We have several things going on in our lives and none of these involve these people. But the catch is, it is these people who will help you out with every problem you face. often, it becomes difficult to communicate with them, but believe me, one Sunday, over a cup of hot tea or coffee, talk to them about your life and see how magically your mood changes! You could also engage in a fun activity with them, like playing board games or doing your best serum for oily skin OR anti-acne serum skincare with them. It would be fun! Reconnect with them; we’re sure that would make your Sunday more special 🙂

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