Lifeguard Training Class: Learn to Save Lives

Water Rescue Skills Practice

ALA classes devote significant time practicing water rescue techniques like reaches, throws, swims and carries. Instructors demonstrate while students rotate practicing each until they build swift muscle memory.

CPR and First Aid Certification

Manikins are used to ensure students can confidently respond to breathing/heart emergencies. Bandaging, splinting and more are practiced on instructors to gain first aid experience.

Scanning Exercises

Students learn scanning techniques in ALA classes like Zone, Circle and Accountability. Visual sharpness is tested as instructors hide and students must spot them quickly.

Rule Enforcement Role plays

Common scenarios lifeguard class face are role played so students learn effective communication strategies. Work is done on remaining professional under stress or with intimidating patrons.

Mock Emergency Simulations

The ALA believes practice makes perfect. Students participate in simulated emergencies, responding as a team to refine reaction times and roles like rescuer, attendant, record-keeper.

Swim Tests

ALA training ensures all graduates meet strong swimming standards via swimming pre-tests and the certification swim including clothes and equipment.

Exciting Hands-On Skills

From board transfers and defensive moves to spine boarding, learning lifeguarding techniques is both vital and engaging at the ALA.

Certification Exam Prep

Instructors guide intensive exam prep for the written and scenario-based performance tests to maximize first-time pass rates.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The American Lifeguard Association philosophy is that reps build confidence. Students have ample time to refine skills with an emphasis on building rapid, automatic responses.

Lifelong Support

Once certified, the ALA is a supportive community for continued education, webinars and networking to refresh skills and knowledge.

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